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Introducing Women in Security

The Women in Security group is an exciting initiative formed by professionals of the Information Security field within the (ISC)2 London Chapter.


The mission of the group is to raise the profile of women in the information security industry. 


To achieve this mission the WiS group is utilizing the energy and professionalism of the chapter volunteers towards three objectives – encourage participation, facilitate networking and promote education.


Increase & enable participation of women in the ISC2 Chapter and the security field.

We encourage women participation in chapter activities including meetings, discussion panels and presentations. Building a supportive and trusted environment by getting to know each other. To do that the group is working on creating social events & security conferences targeted to women, meaning that the presentations are on topics that are interesting to women and are delivered from inspiring presenters in a supportive space and at convenient time and locations. 


We want to create collaboration bridges with other Women Groups that have similar targets & agenda as ours. In this way we can achieve more by reusing good examples & learning from past experiences.

(ISC)2 WiS are in contact with other groups via conference calls and by creating events in collaboration. By sharing experience, resources and ideas we can put more energy towards the achievement of the common target and give our members the opportunity to create strong relationships. 

Training & Continuous Education

Both the chapter and the group gather security professionals that are specialized at a variety of topics like pen testing, soft security, compliance e.t.c. Also we have a number of enthusiastic volunteers willing to organize training sessions or participate at them. So we are looking in organizing training sessions. 


Every woman working or interested in the information security field is welcome to participate at the events and benefits of the group.

While the activities of this group are specific to women we welcome the participation of every Information Security professional who is interested in our activities.

Please let us know if you would like to receive information on events and opportunities by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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